Are you going to be throwing a baby shower for your friend or family member? Congrats – it’s a big responsibility, and the chance to make memories of a lifetime! So obviously you want to make it as amazing as you can. Here are some tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect baby shower!


One of the first things you need to do when sorting out a baby shower is to find the location you want to hold it. Be aware that you don’t want anything too far away as the mum-to-be might be exhausted.

Baby showers don’t have to be held in big fancy extravagant venues, they can be a surprise in the mum and baby’s own home. However, if you do want to go big then how about traveling somewhere for the baby shower? If for example, the mum has always wanted to go to Bath then how about venturing over there for a girly weekend? She might want to get out as much as possible before the baby arrives.

Or, if you’re going to be bringing children to the baby shower, you want to ensure that it’s somewhere they will enjoy.


Work out who you will invite to the baby shower. This is something that you might have to consult the mum-to-be about, the last thing you want to do is invite someone she doesn’t get along with. If you know her well then you will know who to invite, now it’s time to sort the invites.

Another thing to arrange is space and number of guests. If you are holding the party at someone’s house then you may be struggling for space, this means you don’t want to run out of space for all your guests. 


When you are thinking about timing for the baby shower event, be aware that it is hard work being pregnant. The mum will be feeling the strain and she may be extremely tired. The last thing she will want is to be surrounded by a lot of people all day.

Generally, a baby shower party will last around two hours. This gives everyone a chance to chat and catch up, have a bite to eat, play some games, and hang out the gifts. Set a time to leave and make sure your guests know to leave at this time, a lot of people decide to hang around longer. 


When it comes to sending out invites, you need to think about what to include in them. The key things are venue, date, time, and who’s baby shower it is. You can also include a list of gifts or state gift cards/money on the invite.

At the end of the invite should be an RSVP, if this is a surprise baby shower then ensure you put your own name and contact number on it rather than the mum-to-be’s. 


Organizing a baby shower is not the easiest thing to do because you have got to make sure that you are catering to the mother-to-be, as well as everyone else. You’ve got to ensure that there are fun things that everyone can participate in, or that are special to the mother-to-be. For example, there are plenty of gender reveal surprise ideas out there, and one of them can be to turn this into a game. This is a fantastic way of revealing the gender as the parents want to find out as a surprise!

As well as this, you can look at some of the other classic games that you can play at a baby shower. You can play guess the baby food, baby bingo and so many more. It’s always fun to try and include games as much as you can, as it provides some entertainment and keeps everyone sociable. 


Food is going to be a big part of the baby shower. The mother-to-be is going to want to eat, and so are all of the other guests. But, you’ve got to keep in mind that this is not going to be a sit-down meal unless you have all agreed to go out to a restaurant for the baby shower.

Instead, you should look at getting some buffet-style foods, and bits that the guests can pick at as the time goes on. Mini pizzas and other typical party foods are going to be a great idea.

Make sure that you aren’t forgetting cakes and cupcakes on the party table! These should be decorated to be baby themed, just like the rest of the celebration. 


You also need to consider the music that you are playing at this event. Nobody is going to be getting up and break dancing, nor are you going to be busting a move like you would in a nightclub. For this reason, you want to try and keep the music quite calm and tame, maybe throw some hits in there that you know the mother to be loves.

Think about the general tone of the baby shower, and then try to get the music to match it. You’ve always got access to things like YouTube to find the songs that you are looking for.


When you are coordinating gifts for a baby shower, you’ve got to make sure that everyone is getting something different. The last thing that you want is for three or four people to end up purchasing the same thing for the mother-to-be, though you can never have too many diapers or baby wipes!

The mother-to-be will likely have registered for gifts, or put together a wish list of sorts that you can all choose from. This way, you all know that you are getting something that is needed, and you can coordinate easier who is getting what. 

I hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do to throw the most amazing baby shower. It’s one of the most amazing parts of being pregnant as everyone is focused on the mother and the little bundle, giving gifts to get them through the first part of parenthood. It’s an experience that they will never forget and a time that they will see who is willing to turn up for them and enjoy the time that they have.

I wish you the very best of luck and hope that you manage to throw the most fantastic baby shower!